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Asia Tattoo Studio is formerly known as Sean's Tatz Tattoo Studio.

Asia Tattoo Studio was set up in 2003.  We enjoy what we are doing now and thank God for giving us this opportunity to do what we dream to work as.

Asia Tattoo Studio is a Friendly Studio which provide customize Body Art for those who appreciated our works and effort when we do our best for every artwork.

Asia Tattoo Studio started to grow in numbers as we teach more and more students.  It has been a great task for us to guide them the proper way of tattooing skill and the cleanliness of sterilized the tattoo equipment.

In our tattoo shop, you would be able to find All types of design. You may choose for a female artist to tattoo for you,if you wish to.

Asia Tattoo Studio, Gallery includes Colour, CoverUp, Group, Japanese, Realistic,Shading, Tribal, Celtic, Maori, Words, Free hand

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